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Dale Hummel is the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where he leads a multisite congregation of five thousand attendees. His passion is to spread the hope of the Gospel “here, near and far.” In Reset: Live Every Day Like It’s a New Day, Dale shares how he found transforming hope despite chronic childhood abuse and living with the challenges of a mental illness called OCD. In this very practical book, Dale uses his gift of teaching to show readers how they too can overcome the past to find lasting hope and freedom.

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In Reset: Live Every Day Like It’s a New Day, pastor and author Dale Hummel explains it’s not just about what you think, but how you think. Using cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient Christian principles, he shows how our minds can be both our best friend and worst enemy, why the quest for the abundant spiritual life is so elusive and how we can retrain our minds to work the way God intended. Hummel offers a simple but effective daily “reset” program based on the fruits of the Spirit, transforming your mind from your biggest obstacle to spiritual growth into its greatest asset.

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As Christ followers, we know hope is found only in Jesus Christ. God has given us a vision of living and leaving a Legacy of Hope. At Wooddale Church, we desire to build a resilient hope in the generations HERE, an innovative hope to being the Gospel NEAR and an exponential hope to proclaim Jesus FAR.

To support this vision, proceeds from book sales will go to Legacy of Hope. Thank you for helping us live and leave a Legacy of Hope!

Readers say

A resounding spiritual profile in courage, penetrating vulnerability, ruthless transparency and an abundance of hope.

Dr. Paul D. Borden,
Director of Wooddale Advance

Dale writes honestly and insightfully about his own Reset journey; His stories are compelling and impactful. Reset will be your guide to embracing each day as a new opportunity to have the mind of Jesus.

Dr. Chris Payne,
Senior Pastor of New City Church

The book reflected current thinking on various aspects of neuroscience, emotional dysregulation and psychological disorders that are occasionally discussed on various podcasts. However, it goes much deeper by tying it to the spiritual dimension which has eternal ramifications.

Dr. Paul Plattner, M.D.

Real. Practical. Hopeful. This book provides actionable steps to help rest and reclaim our mental well-being. The transparency with which Dale shares his own journey invites us to authentically pursue our own reset and gives us hope.

Dr. Kyle Robinson,
Wooddale Church

Dale Hummel’s authentic leadership has enriched the lives of thousands of leaders around the world, including my own! Reset is thoughtful, practical and a well-researched tool to help you walk more closely with Jesus. Dale’s vulnerability and willingness to share his own challenges and experiences is inspiring. If you have ever struggled with unhealthy patterns, unwanted thoughts, or just feel stuck and are in need of a Reset, this book is for you!

Jared Nelms,
CEO of The Timothy Initiative

To read Dale Hummel’s book, Reset: Live Every Day Like It’s a New Day, is to be swept into a personal and vulnerable quiet circle of knowing how loved and treasured you are by God and a community of believers. I found the reset exercises to be motivating and encouraging to my own mental and spiritual health!

Jacqueline Klippenes,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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